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What jobs can I apply for with provisional GMC registration?

Still figuring out your options as an international medical graduate with provisional GMC registration? In this situation you only have one option. Read on to find out what it is.

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What if my internship experience is rejected by the GMC

Updated: May 5, 2020

The one and only job you can apply for with provisional registration is an official UK Foundation Programme approved Foundation Year 1 post.

Provisional registration with the GMC is for doctors who have not completed an acceptable internship. This means that with this type of registration, you can only apply for UK internship which is the Foundation Programme. 

You will not be able to work in any other position such as:

  • Non-training/LAS/trust grade/locum FY1
  • Any non-training job at any level
  • Standalone FY2

Please see this screenshot from the GMC website confirming this:

Applying to the UK Foundation Programme as an IMG

If you have right to work in the UK (RTW), you will almost certainly get a place in the Foundation Programme so you can consider skipping your overseas internship. You can read all about applying to the Foundation Programme with these guides:

If you do not have RTW, then there is no guarantee that you will get a place in the Foundation Programme. All doctors with RTW are given jobs first before those who do not have RTW.

Although the chances are slim, it is possible to get a spot. Around 80-90 IMGs without RTW were accepted into FY1 in 2018 and 2019, but not all – and that is out of more than 7,000 FY1 posts each year. So we always recommend that you have a backup plan to complete internship overseas. If you do complete internship overseas, make sure it will be accepted by the GMC. This article explains all the criteria:

Applying to the UK Foundation Programme as an IMG

The rules for the UK Foundation Programme changed for 2020 due to the Shortage Occupation List amendment in October 2019.

Essentially this means that the Foundation Programme is now open to IMGs and UK graduates will no longer be preferred.

You can read about these changes in this article:

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