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Will your internship be accepted for full GMC registration?

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An overview of the issue

If you are applying for full GMC registration through the PLAB route, you will need to provide evidence of internship.

Submitting your internship documents can often feel like presenting your case before a judge. The GMC’s judgement will affect your journey to the UK and can quickly put an end to your dreams if they do not rule in your favour.

Many IMGs face problems in the following areas relating to having their internship accepted:

  1. A gap between graduation and internship
  2. Gaps during internship
  3. Not having rotations in both medicine and surgery
  4. Internship of less than 12 months

In this article, we’ll review the GMC requirements and how these issues can be addressed.

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Can The Savvy IMG tell you if your internship will be accepted?

Unfortunately, no. Nobody can tell you 100% that your internship will be accepted.

For this reason, I am unable to answer any messages about whether your internship will be accepted.

Not even the GMC can provide any assurances, but you can contact them to discuss your situation. They can advise you of your options for full registration, but will not be able to give you a final decision. This can only be made once you submit your full application. This means completing all the requirements first including IELTS/OET, PLAB, certificate of good standing etc.

So, what should you do?

You will need to read this article in full and use your professional judgement. Any potential issues with your internship will need explanations and potentially documentation. These are often accepted by the GMC provided you have valid genuine reasons.

You may also find it helpful to post in one of the many IMG Facebook groups to see if anyone has had their internship accepted with a similar pattern to yours. However, bear in mind that this is not a guarantee that yours will be accepted. Every application is different and assessed on a case-by-case basis. You can find a list of relevant IMG groups here.

Ready to find out whether your internship is likely to be accepted?

Let’s review the criteria. The first set of criteria is known as Pattern A.

What are the requirements for Pattern A?

  1. Approved supervised training post – honorary posts, observerships, or clinical attachments are not accepted
  2. Minimum of 12 months duration – this relates to the calendar dates, there must be 12 months from the start date to the finish date
  3. Continuous and uninterrupted – meaning no gaps during internship
  4. Occurred either immediately before or immediately after graduation – meaning no gaps between graduation and start of internship
  5. If the internship was between 12-18 months, there must be at least 3 months in medicine and 3 months in surgery
  6. If the internship was longer than 18 months, there must be at least 6 months in medicine and 6 months in surgery

Those mentioned above are the official requirements however some leeway is permitted in the areas that IMGs have the most problems with.

Potential problems with Pattern A

1. You have a gap between graduation and internship

In general, the longer your gap between graduation and internship the more difficult it is to have it accepted. 

However, valid and genuine reasons for gaps with accompanying documentation tend to be accepted.

Cases that have been accepted in the past according to the experience of other IMGs include:

  • Maternity/paternity leave
  • Carer responsibilities (looking after children or sick family members)
  • Approved period of research
  • Approved period of additional training, education or other clinical experience outside of the internship programme
  • Problems involving the internship programme itself that led to an unavoidable gap outside of the doctor’s control
  • Preparing for exams (postgraduate exams, USMLE etc)

The most important thing in any case is that there is evidence surrounding any gap. Formally approved gaps must have supporting documentation.

2. You have gaps during internship

The GMC allows 5 weeks of annual leave for a 12 month period of internship plus an additional 20 days absence. It’s not stated what the additional 20 days absence can be for but acceptable reasons are probably things like sickness.

For any other prolonged absence you will be asked to provide evidence. Cases that have been accepted in the past according to the experience of several IMGs include:

  • Maternity/paternity leave
  • Carer responsibilities (looking after children or sick family members)
  • Approved period of research
  • Approved period of additional training, education or other clinical experience outside of the internship programme
  • Problems involving the internship programme itself that led to an unavoidable gap outside of the doctor’s control

Again, the most important thing in any case is that there is evidence surrounding any gap. Formally approved gaps must have supporting documentation.

3. You do not have rotations in both medicine and surgery

Your rotation does not need to be specifically labelled “internal/general medicine” or “general surgery”. Branches of internal medicine and branches of general surgery are accepted.

Fulfills the requirement for a rotation in medicine

Fulfills the requirement for a rotation in surgery

Cardiology, respiratory medicine, renal medicine, gastroenterology, neurology etc.

General surgery, orthopaedics, urology, plastic surgery, breast surgery, ENT etc.

If you do have rotations in both medicine and surgery but they are less than 3 months, the GMC accepts allied medical specialties for medicine and allied surgical specialties for surgery. These are the ones I am sure of:

Accepted as a medical rotation

Accepted as a surgical rotation


Emergency medicine



Obstetrics and gynaecology


If any IMGs have experience of having anaesthetics or ITU/ICU accepted as surgical specialties since they do technically involve caring for surgical patients, please do let us know through our contact form so we can update this ASAP.

4. Your internship is less than 12 months

This is a difficult one because the GMC is clear that an internship should be of at least 12 months duration. I’m afraid I am unable to provide any further advice on this issue.

If any IMGs have experience of having their internship accepted even if it was less than 12 months, please do let us know through our contact form so we can update this article ASAP.

What if your internship doesn’t meet the Pattern A criteria?

All is not lost as none of these rules are set in stone. The GMC will review all your evidence and give you the opportunity to provide documentation relating to any issues before coming to a final decision. 

You can read the official GMC document that officers at the GMC use to evaluate internship and assess your own situation.

If your internship really does not fit Pattern A, there is a reason it’s called Pattern A – there is another pattern that can be used: Pattern B.

What are the requirements for Pattern B?

  1. Minimum of 24 months duration
  2. Continuous uninterrupted postgraduate experience – clinical attachments and observerships not accepted. Honorary (unpaid) posts wherein you are engaged in active medical practice may be accepted.
  3. Supervised post at a hospital – the hospital must be recognised as suitable for medical teaching and training, and must be regulated by the relevant government authority
  4. At least 3 continuous months in a medical specialty
  5. At least 3 continuous months in a surgical specialty

As with Pattern A, gaps may be accepted for similar reasons as listed above.

We contacted the GMC to clarify the issue of honorary posts. This is what they said:

“Honorary posts and clinical attachments generally consist of research or observing, and our guidance says: “The postgraduate medical experience has to have been undertaken in a public hospital that meets the standards for regulation within its jurisdiction and has established supervision, safety and governance systems in place.”

Therefore we would not normally expect honorary post evidence to be submitted under Pattern B. But, if you state that the honorary contract experience took place in a public hospital, you can submit it for assessment. Although, we couldn’t confirm whether it is acceptable until your application has been submitted and assessed.

We would not consider clinical attachments or observerships to include medical practice and they would not be considered for evidence in Pattern B.”

What if your experience does not fit either Pattern A or Pattern B?

If you apply for GMC registration without fitting either of the 2 patterns, there are 2 possibilities:   

  1. Your application is rejected and you need to apply for provisional registration instead of full registration.
  2. You will be referred to the Registration Investigation (RI) team who will examine your application in more detail.

If you are referred to the RI team you will be given the opportunity to provide evidence related to the questionable aspects of your application. You can also submit further evidence and a cover letter detailing why you have the up-to-date skills and knowledge to be granted full registration. The RI team can either accept this and grant you full registration, or reject this you’ll need to apply for provisional registration.

If the RI team does not grant you full registration you may be able to appeal and may even seek legal assistance. There are cases where full registration has been granted after a long appeals process and through solicitors.

What if your experience is rejected?

If your experience is not accepted then your application for full registration will be rejected. In this case there are 4 options:  

    1. Apply for provisional registration and FY1 (UK internship) through the UK Foundation Programme.
    2. Complete the requirements for Pattern B overseas then reapply for full registration.
    3. Obtain an accepted postgraduate qualification (PGQ) and reapply for full registration.
    4. Apply for full registration through the sponsorship route.

You can read more about each of these options in detail here.

What about gaps after internship?

Gaps after internship are rarely a barrier to GMC registration. However, if you have a long clinical gap, you may need to submit a statement and additional paperwork to show that you are clinically up-to-date.

Take home message

If your internship doesn’t fit the GMC requirements, it doesn’t mean that it will be automatically rejected. Genuine valid reasons with supporting evidence and documentation are usually accepted.

If you do not have a genuine valid reason for the issues in your internship or do not have suitable documentation, then your internship may be rejected. However this is not for certain, the GMC will decide once they receive your application in full.

I am unable to assess your internship and provide any assurances as to whether it will be accepted. I’ll need to refer any messages of this nature back to this article.

Further Reading

Find out the rest of the requirements for GMC registration here.

After GMC registration, what’s next? Find the steps for your specific pathway by taking this quiz.

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179 Responses

  1. Hello, I have two months of general surgery and one month in neurosurgical ICU in my internship .
    I want to check if neurosurgical ICU will be accepted as surgical rotation?
    Thank you

    1. Hi Lilly,

      Thank you for your question. The neurosurgical ICU rotation you completed during your internship may be considered as a surgical rotation, but it may not be. If you’ve done any rotations in Obstetrics, those would definitely be counted as surgery. You may also find it useful to ask IMGs who have recent experience with that in one of the IMG Facebook groups,to see if someone with a similar rotation has had it accepted for surgery in the past. All the best!

  2. Hi Nick, first of all, nice post, very it’s very clear, but, however, I’ve got a few questions about my personal situation. I’m from Mexico, my MBBS program lasts 7 years, 5 years, 2 and half years of basic medical sciences and 2 and half years of clinical rotations in all the specialties and sub-specialties; then 12 months of internship, divided into 6 rotations of 2 months of length each one: G&O, Paediatrics, Internal Medicine, General Surgery, Emergency Medicine, and Family Medicine, then, we’ve to do something called ‘Social Service’ by 12 months in primary medical care or research, in fact I’m actually doing my social service. The question is, my pattern of internship meets the criteria of 3 months of “Medicine” and 3 months of “surgery”?

    1. Thank you for the positive feedback! Regarding your question, based on the information you provided, it seems that your pattern of internship meets this requirement.

  3. Hi i graduated in 2011, did my pre graduate internship back in 2010. After that i applied for Plab 1 in 2013 but could not make it. In 2014, i started applying for UK study visa and got a place in MSc Public Health in 2015, completed that in 2017. Additionally, i did another master degree in UK that ended in 2019. After that Covid 19 outbreak started and i was stucked and had some personal problems as well. In 2021, i started preparing for OET got it done after three attempts. After that i appeared fro Plab 1 in november 2022 and passed it. Now i am due for Plab 2 on august 2023. Considering my circumstances, will i be able to get full
    GMC registration? Your reply would be highly valuable.

    1. Congratulations on passing your PLAB 1 and OET. Passing PLAB 1 is a significant step towards achieving full GMC registration. As long as you pass all your PLAB exams, it looks like it should work out for you.

  4. Hi,I am Dr.Ali,have done MRCP,my internship is 5 months General Medicine,2 months neurology,3 months Paediatric Medicine and one year Anesthesia.Is this pattern acceptable for GMC registeration

    1. Hi Dr. Ali, it looks like you don’t have any surgical rotations. I’m afraid it may not be accepted by the GMC.

  5. hello,
    im going to apply for gmc registration through pattern A. My internship included
    Pediatrics 1 month
    Emergency unit of internal medicine 3 months
    General surgery 3 months
    Trauma and Ortho 2 months
    Obg gyne 2 months
    Dermatology 1 month

    Is this internship likely to get accepted by GMC?
    IS Emergency (A&E) considered as medicine rotation?

    1. Hi there, A&E can be considered as a medicine rotation since you said it’s the emergency unit of internal medicine. I don’t think there will be a problem. Good luck!

  6. Hi! As an intern doctor (which stands for FY1) in Turkey, I really need some guidance. I’m planning on dropping my rotation in thoracic surgery hence I’ll fail and graduate 1 month later than usual. I’m extremely worried that doing a 13 month internship rather than 12 month will cause me a huge problem on continuing from FY2 when I move to UK. I’ll provide the required surgery period when I graduate, just with a month prolonged graduation. I need an answer as soon as possible.

    1. Hi Ayse, 12 months is the minimum for internship, not the maximum. Some IMGs apply with 24 months internship, so the duration is not an issue. The issue is why you are graduating later than your peers. What’s the reason for dropping a rotation? That might need to be explained. As long as you can provide adequate explanation for everything it should not be a barrier. You may also find it useful to ask IMGs who have recent experience with that in one of the IMG Facebook groups. You can find the links to relevant Facebook groups here on our Useful Links page. All the best!

  7. Excuse me Nick, Indian img from China here. Ive been informed my internship from China is not recognised unless it comes with a special letter that is impossible to obtain in my university. I’m already registered in india with 11 months of work experience, my question is would I be able to get full gmc registration if i were to complete postgraduation in india(3 years )while simultaneously doing any one of the member of royal College exams?

    1. Hi there, yes you can get full GMC reg by doing that. You can also use 12 months of work in India if it’s also considered an internship and fits Pattern A, or you can go with Pattern B after 24 months experience. All the best!

  8. Hello, thank you for your post. I did my overseas internship postgraduate and this meet all the criteria except by the following aspect >> I had more than 3 months in medicine but I wasn’t in any major surgery on theatre qx (unavailable), just only I was involved 3 months related to minor surgery tasks as wound cleansing, burning care, incision-drainage of small abscesses ( I don’t have the rest of fulfills for Surgical rotation). The 1st question is: if does minor surgery (as the examples I wrote) fit the criteria as Surgical rotation? Another thing is my certificate doesn’t specify nothing about what Rotations I did in my internship on the document. May this aspect affect the pattern A? In fact, immediately after completing my internship (for 12 months), I worked as general physician and emergency physician in different private centers for 4 years. May my work experience help to the acceptance of my internship? Thank you so much

    1. Hi Stephanie, I haven’t come across this type of surgical rotation as the only exposure to surgery during internship before so I’m not sure how the GMC will handle it. I would recommend contacting the GMC directly and asking IMGs who have recent experience with that in one of the IMG Facebook groups. If your internship is not accepted for Pattern A, then it’s possible you can use pattern B but you’ll need to work for 3 months in a surgical ward to meet the criteria. Hope it all works out!

  9. Hi , I’m a graduate from India finished my internship in 2019 , I had a gap of 6 months during my internship since I had to take care of my mom since she was unwell , I have 2 years experience in a public hospital and a primary health care center , 1 year each both in the govt sector , will my internship be accepted or will path b work out for me

  10. Hello doctor ,
    I have done my MBBS from china and due to covid-19, I had to return to my country. Since then I had two semesters of online classes and one whole year of online internship. I haven’t graduated yet. I’m waiting to return to china, to complete my practicals and offline internship. Will this wait and delayed graduation be a problem when it comes to GMC ? Or do we have to graduate with online internship?

    1. Hi there, unfortunately the GMC have not provided any guidance about online internships. But we think it’s unlikely that the GMC will accept that since practical experience is the most important part of internship. You may find it useful to ask IMGs who have recent experience with that in one of the IMG Facebook groups. You can find the links to relevant Facebook groups here on our Useful Links page.
      Good luck!

  11. Hello , I graduated from Kharkiv national medical university ,Ukraine. Currently I’m doing my internship in my hometown,INDIA. Is it acceptable to graduate from one country and do the internship from a different country?

  12. Hello, my pre-graduation internship just got rejected by the GMC because I wasn’t registered at the time. I have graduated more than 2 years ago. I was wondering if I could do another internship as I heard some people’s internship got rejected because it was more than 2 years after graduation. Any thoughts? Obviously the GMC answered with their infamous “you are free to do it, we’ll evaluate at application”

    1. Hi there, that sounds odd. If it was a pre-graduate internship, surely you wouldn’t need to registered because you are under the medical school? I would recommend asking IMGs who have recent experience with that in one of the IMG Facebook groups. You can find the links to relevant Facebook groups here on our Useful Links page. You can’t be the first person with this situation so hopefully someone can advise on how to appeal that decision.

      Regarding repeating internship, you can try to submit your internship after 12 months but it would be best not to stop working because ultimately you might need to aim for Pattern B. Alternatively you could aim for a postgraduate qualification such as MRCS and apply for GMC registration based on that. Technically, in accordance with GMC’s own guidance, you do not need to meet the internship requirements if you apply for registration using a postgraduate qualification.

      Best of luck!

      1. Dear Dr Nick,
        Currently I am 6th-year medical student at Turkey which is equavalent to FY1. I would like to implement my Internal Medicine internship(6 weeks) in another university’s hospital at Turkey due to another university location at my home city. Both my university and another university that i have intended to do my internship are GMC approved universities. My internship does not have any interruption. Do you think this scheme is an issue?
        Thank you.

        1. Hi there! Ideally don’t do that to avoid issues, but if it’s all approved by both schools then the GMC may accept it. If possible I would contact the GMC first to request clarification on their policies.

  13. Hello, thank you for such an informative article.
    I have a query regarding whether my internship will be accepted along Pattern A. It fulfills the 12 month requirement with 3 months in medicine and surgical specialties each. However I have a gap of 33 days ( one month + 3 days) in my internship.
    Will the GMC accept it for full registration in light of the 5 week annual leave + 20 additional days allowed?

    1. Hi there, I don’t see why not if it’s annual leave. It still falls within the remit of 5 weeks annual leave.

  14. Hello Dr. nick , this is Dr.Divya here I am a graduate from Davao City Philippines (DMSF) I graduated in December 2020 and I also have a legit valid Clinical clerkship certificate of December 2020.
    I am an Indian so I came back to my home country after graduation and prepared for my Indian licensure exam FMGE and cleared it in December 2021. Now I am planning for Plab UK journey for my Pg studies and specialty. I just wanted to enquire is my internship / clinical clerkship certificate valid from the year December 2020 if I plan to give my Oet and plab1 in December 2022 or 2023 . Please revert back to me as per your convenience.
    Thank you.

  15. Hi Nick,

    I am a medical student from India, is it necessary that the medical degree and the intership (plan A) be from the same hospital/medical College?
    As I have done my 4.5 year medical degree from a private medical college and plan on shifting to a government run college to pursue my internship as it has better clinical exposure.

    1. Hi Soumya, if there is a valid reason to change then it should be accepted provided the entire internship is acceptable to the supervising board, but we recommend contacting the GMC directly for advice. Their email address is and the phone number is +44161 923 6602. They are open Monday to Friday 8 am–5.30 pm and 9 am–5 pm on Saturday. You can also send them a message on FB messenger, they usually reply within a day or 2. Good luck!

  16. Hi, i did pediatrics 6 months and surgery 6 months for my internship and it was continuous 12 months. Is it acceptable by GMC??

  17. Dear Doctor,
    thank you wonderful article ,kindly guide me ,what can be the reason,
    i have recently passed plab 2 and My GMC registration is under query.
    i am an Indian national ,passed from russia in year 2010, i went back to India ,passed licensed exam in India as i am foreign medical graduate for India, in year sep 2011.
    i got my provisional registration for training in year 2012 feb,
    and i managed to started my internship from
    28 may 2012 to 28 July 2012 , preventive and social medicine
    and from 20 October 2012 to 18 august 2013 another 10 month of rotation i did

    now after applying with GMC, they send query and ask me to fill the two years of post graduation rotation form, and stated that my current internship is not acceptable,
    kindly guide why it is that?

    1. Hi there, you need to complete internship within 2 years of graduating for them to accept it. Sounds like you started internship more than 2 years after graduating which is why they’re asking for 2 years experience now (Pattern B) Hope it all works out! Good luck!

  18. Let say u’ve completed internship with
    Paediatrics 83 days (2months 22days)
    Internal medicine 88 days (2months 27 days)
    Obstetrics & Gynecology 77days (2months 16days)
    Surgery 105days (3months 13days)
    Emergency medicine 27days

    Total 380days (12months 15days)


  19. I have done 12 months of internship, but there was a significant gap, 3 months and 10 days actually, I was depressed but I didn’t do therapy so I can’t provide documents, what are my chances and what can I do? I will probably do 12 months of a medical specialty before applying anyway

    1. Hi there, sorry to hear about your struggles. It’s unlikely to be accepted but that’s for the GMC to decide. If it’s not accepted, then you would need to go for Pattern B.

  20. I have done medicine 3 months and medicine allied as dermatology 3 months
    Is dermatology accepted as medicine allied as its not mentioned in pattern A/B
    I did my surgery 3 months and now applying for surgery allied but I’m not sure if radiology is a surgery allied so asking for information before i join it to keep my options , if you can help guide me thank u x

    1. Hi there, as long as you have done 3 months in medicine and 3 months in surgery, it doesn’t matter what the other rotations are. Do the ones you’re interested in! All the best!

  21. Hello nick
    Please is the following internship pattern acceptable.
    Start date:27/05/16. End 18/05/2017
    Total weeks :51 weeks
    Will the last 1 week short affect the 12months requirement.

    1. We’re not show how strict the GMC is on this. It’s only 1 week so shouldn’t be a problem, but best to ask them directly. To avoid any issues, can you get your school to extend it one week and label it as annual leave?

  22. Hello Nick.
    Thank you for all you do.
    Please I have an enquiry concerning Internship postings. In my home country, Internship postings are normally 12 weeks each. Does this 12 weeks equal the required 3months by GMC?
    I ask this question because most of the dates in our postings are not up to 3 calendar months but 12 weeks exactly.
    Would this be a problem?
    I should also note that the entire posting is 12 months plus some days.

    1. Hi Kemi, I don’t think it would be a problem but it’s best to ask some IMGs who have gone through this before to see how the GMC handled their case. I recommend asking in the IMG FB group. Hope it all works out!

  23. Hey, I have done my MBBS from China and I came to India during the pandemic (2019). I was not able to go back to start my internship so I prepared for my FMGE ( Indian licensing exam) and I have passed it. So I can also do my internship in India now if I want.
    Is it a rule by GMC that you have to do your internship from the same university you graduated from or I can do my internship here in India and then get my final MBBS degree? Will it be a problem to get rejected for by GMC?

    1. Hi there! No there is no such rule, you just need to have a valid reason which you do. You can ask in the FB group if anyone has any recent experience with a similar situation, I know others have been through the same thing. Hope it all works!

  24. Hi Sir Nick! I am currently an incoming 3rd year med student from UERM in the PH. First of all, thank you so much for sharing your information and experiences in this website, its super helpful and complete! I actually have 2 questions if you could help me;
    1. what are the additional requirements needed by hopeful IMG from UERM, since I keep on reading that we need additional requirements?
    2. After PGI, I plan to moonlight in small clinics/hospitals to earn money for all the fees that have to pay before taking PLAB exams, are these small clinics/hospitals be considered as experience since these institutions are not teaching hospitals?

    Thank you so much and more power to you!

  25. Hi,
    Thank you for this informative post!

    I graduated from an Italian medical school and need to show 12 months of internship to be eligible for full registration in the UK. (since our pre-graduation internship diploma is no longer considered enough by the GMC) I’ve done 2 months of internship in my 6th year in italy (may-june). In july I started another internship in another country that will take 12 months for me to complete (so it will be done June 30, 2022). My question is since I’m required to get my GMC registration in May 2022, am I allowed to submit the months I did in Italy plus 10 months of the other internship? What I’m wondering essentially is that are we allowed to submit two consecutive internships totalling 12 months?

    Thanks in advance

    1. Hi there! I doubt it would be accepted, but I recommend that you contact the GMC about this directly for an official response. Please let us know what they say!

  26. Hello Nick I am from India.
    I completed my MBBS (MD) from Philippines . I did 1 year intership in Philippines .
    Now I wanted to go UK and Give PLAB and than register myself.
    I have 2 questions regarding this do my Philippines MD degree is accepted in UK and I can get direct FY2 in UK or need to do From FY1 ( Foundation year )

    1. Hi there! Great to hear from a Filipino grad. Yes, the GMC accepts MD degrees from the Philippines in most cases. The only possible issues are if it’s a new school that they are not familiar with, if you went to more than 1 medical school, or if you graduated from UERMMM. These are not strict blocks to GMC registration, they may just require additional paperwork. The internship should be accepted and you should be able to apply for FY2, we have not heard of any Philippine internships being rejected but of course there are other factors such as whether you had any gaps, prolonged leave etc. If your case is straightforward, then GMC registration should be straightforward too. Best of luck!

    2. hi, i’m also on the same boat bro. Philippine graduate.
      just wanted to clarify- did you do an additional internship of 1yr after 4yrs or you are talking about the rotations that we had after 3rd yr? please reply..thanks!

      1. Yes you are correct in asking that! I should have asked myself. If he is referring to the clinical rotations in third year, then these are not accepted as an internship but rather as standard part of any medical degree.

  27. Hello Nick!
    I’m from Germany and in our sixth (final) year of medical school we rotate in surgery, internal medicine, and a field of our choice for 4 months each (so 12 months in total). It is kind of similar to the FY1 year for the UK students, but we would still be under the student title (and unfortunately with no pay). I am hoping that this would count as an acceptable internship for the GMC registration.

    I am however planning on doing a part of this internship (a 4-month block) in the UK or Australia, which I can apply for as a visiting elective program and it would be recognised as an internship in my home university in Germany. Do you think this would be any kind of problem in terms of getting my internship recognised by the GMC?

    Thank you so much in advance for all your help!

    Best regards,

    1. Hi there! Thanks for your question!

      If you studied at a medical school outside the EU, that would not be accepted as equivalent to internship and you’d be in a pickle. A visiting elective is only open to medical students whereas FY1 is a paid position during which you are considered a qualified and licensed working doctor, not a student, so the GMC would not accept that as an internship.

      But there is good news for EU doctors. For many European countries (Germany included), you don’t need to complete an internship to get full registration. So really, it doesn’t matter what you do in terms of GMC registration. In which case, I recommend you do an elective you enjoy wherever that may be 🙂

      Hope that helps, best of luck!

      1. Hi,
        Thank you for your prompt reply. 🙂

        It’s a relief to hear that German medical school graduates don’t need to complete an internship to get full registration. Does this however also apply to non-EU nationals who gradated from a German medical school?

        Thanks a lot again!!

        1. Since Brexit, yes it does. And also since Brexit, EU nationals who qualify from non-EU medical schools now need to sit PLAB.

          1. Hi Nick,
            Thanks again for your reply. 🙂

            Does this mean I can directly apply for FY2 Standalone once I’ve graduated from a German medical school and have gotten full registration from the GMC?

            If I graduate in May/June of 2023, I’m worried wouldn’t be able to start the FY2 `Standalone post in that same year (depending on the job application deadline and duration of GMC registration process). Would I then only be able to start working in the UK in 2024 and does this potentially mean I would need to take the UKMLE as well? Or will I be able to forego that if I apply for full registration as soon as I graduate?

            Thanks so much in advance.


  28. Hello, I am an IMG who completed my MBBS and Internship without any breaks in 2007 but soon joined a Health insurance company and has been working in this field since then . I am planning to write PLAB soon and get back to practice now . Can I expect a full registration from GMC? You mentioned that provided we can proof that we are clinically up to date . What kind of proof will be accepted.

    Also I would like to know whether I should simultaneously apply for the UKFP and what are my chances

    1. Hi there! We’re not too sure about the details but other IMGs have shown evidence of CPD. You might find it helpful to ask in a the Facebook group in case anyone has been through a similar situation.

      You can try applying for UKFP as a back up in case you’re not given full registration. To be honest, if you’ve been out of clinical practise for almost 15 years, FY1 is a great place to start anyway. Your chances are the same as any UK graduate, it all depends on your application score!

  29. Hi, thanks for creating this blog.
    I have applied for a full registration after 2 years gap post pmq bf internship( was preparing for my country’s licensure as I studied abroad) After internship, I worked for 6 months in obs/gynae bf coming to the U.K. and not done any medical work since then(since December 2017)however, I have been studying for my masters degree for a year plus now( maternity 2018 and studies 2019 to date). My application is currently with the iandi team. It’s been a month plus since applied for a full registration. I have submitted both the GEN 2, and Gen 4 forms including the IMG 10 form. Know anyone with similar concern who eventually got a full registration? What do u think the outcome would be?

    1. Hi Emi, if you have submitted all the documents as requested then it’s likely to be accepted, but unfortunately we can’t give any assurances. We hope it works out. Sit tight! Please let us know how it goes. We’re thinking of compiling situations with the outcomes so that other IMGs can learn from them.

  30. Hello Nick,

    I graduated from medical school in 2019, and had my compulsory 12 month internship from March 2020 to March 2021. However, my covering letter/ proof of internship gotten from my center only reflects the actual duration of the rotations adding up to a total of 11 months (48 weeks, 12 weeks in each posting), i.e from march till feb, i spent the last 4 weeks on terminal leave.
    I’m trying to confirm if this would be an issue and if i need to get another letter covering all the 12 months
    thank you

    1. Hi there! If I were you I’d get a letter covering all 12 months and specify that the last 4 weeks are approved annual leave. UK interns (FY1) get around 5 weeks of annual leave spread throughout the year, so that shouldn’t be a problem.

  31. Hi, Nick
    I’m currently doing my internship in a different country than my own, and it will finish soon in September; however, my passport is about to expire a couple of days after my internship ends, so I need to travel back home in the middle of my 12-month internship. The question here is: am I allowed to leave for 20 days and carry on my internship when I’m back? Will that cause me any problems with the Gmc registration?

    1. Hi Ali, is it necessary to travel back home during your internship? See if you can renew your passport through your country’s embassy. If not, the GMC allows annual leave plus 20 days of leave so it shouldn’t cause a problem provided your leave is approved.

      1. Unfortunately, Nick, I don’t have my own country’s embassy where I’m having my internship currently.
        Nick, please help, are you sure it’s allowed to take three weeks off during my internship without any problem, knowing I will resume as soon as I come back? Plab is my only way, and if it fails, then everything fails along. GMC were not making things clear enough.
        Thank you so much, you are a big help for everyone

        1. Hi Ali, as I said, the GMC allows 5 weeks of annual leave + 20 days of other absence so 3 weeks shouldn’t be a problem. I can’t make any guarantees but I honestly can’t see any reason why it should be a problem.

  32. Hello Nick,
    I’d like to explain my peculiar situation
    I went through a 12 month internship in my home country.
    Each rotation was 12 weeks, with the 13th week being a leave period between each period, I however opted against taking the leaves and rather took all the leaves as a lump period of 4 weeks as my terminal leave at the end of my 4 rotations.
    My letter/proof of internship from my institution however only covered the dates for my 4 postings adding up to 11 calendar months.
    Do you think this would be a problem and do I need to get another letter from my centre to adequately cover the 12th month which was my terminal leave?…in preparation for GMC registration.

    1. Hi Joseph! If it’s clear in your internship letter that the start and finish date are 12 months apart, and the final 4 weeks were considered annual leave, then I can’t see it as too much of a problem. The main issue I would see is if the start and finish date as stated in your internship letter is only 11 months apart.

  33. Hi Nick,
    Thankyou for the all work you put into this blog.
    I completed my internship in the following format

    Gen medicine =4months
    Med and Allied
    Psychiatry =15days
    Peads = 1month

    Gen surgery=3months
    Surg and Allied
    ENT=2 months
    Anesthesia= 1 month

    Total 6+6 = 12 months
    Will it be acceptable for GMC registeration?

    1. Hi Daniel, I don’t see why not. Of course there are other criteria for it to be accepted such as the gap between graduation and the start of internship, and gaps during internship. Just bear in mind I cannot give any reassurances about whether your internship will be accepted, only the GMC can do that once you have submitted your application.

  34. Hi, Dr. Nick
    Would it be alright if I couldn’t go through Medicine for 3 ‘continuous’ months, but instead doing Med for 2 months then goes to Surgery for 1 months then goes to Ped (Med allied) for 2 months. In total, I would have trained Med for 5 months and Sx for 4 months, with total 12 months of internship.

    1. Hi Vasita, I’ve seen many doctors get GMC registration with non-continuous rotations so based on that it should be ok as long as they total 3 months each.

  35. Hi Nick
    I have completed my MBBS in 2009 and thereafter 3 years post graduation training in cardiology immediately after (without internship) abroad.
    Thereafter I have returned to my country and did my internship and got registered in my home country. I also have done another post graduate degree in my country.
    According to the above process, I have 3 years of gap between my MBBS and my internship. However the gap was due to an additional post graduate training course.
    So will I have problems during my GMC registration?
    Is a training course suitable explanation for the 3 year gap?
    Also I have got a MTI post in the UK… Does this internship requirement also hold true for MTI posts?

    Thanks for your help.. really appreciate.

    1. Internship is only a strict requirement for PLAB. If you have an MTI post then they won’t ask for details of internship. But again, please contact the GMC for guidance.

  36. Hi Nick
    I have completed my MBBS in 2009 and thereafter pursued post graduate clinical residency from 2009-2012 without internship, both from abroad.
    Then I returned to my home country and did 12 months of rotational internship here and got registered with my state medical council.
    So basically the gap between my MBBS and internship is three years. But I did a clinical residency during these three years.
    Do you think I would have problems with GMC registration given I have spent those three years in a training program?
    Kindly advise.
    Thank you

    1. Hi there, I can’t really say for sure what the GMC would say about this. If they don’t accept your internship then you can always go for Pattern B. Best to contact the GMC for further advice. Best of luck!

  37. Hi Nick

    I graduaded from medicine in 2016. Right after graduation I started taking a master degree in Engineering. However, 8 months after beginning the course I found myself not interested and decided to follow back my path in Medicine. So I started to study for the pre-internship exam in my country and finally managed to start my internship 15 months after graduation.

    My internship matches pattern 1 and since finishing my internship I have worked as a physician for 2 years now.

    I want to start studying for PLAB tests, but I am worried about applying for GMC once I clear the exams due to the described gap that I have.

    Is there any possibility that I can convince GMC to overlook the gap?
    What’s the worst case scenario that can happen to me?


    1. Hi Hami, they may consider your application as long as you explain the reason for the gap and provide evidence if they request it. If not, you can work in surgery for 3 months and use pattern B instead.

  38. Hi Tan,

    I have question about Primary Medical Qualification : I have graduated from 2 institutes – started at one and graduated from other, both are govt institutions from the same countries
    My application is with the assessor and she asks me letter typically mentioning the reasons and transcript records. They provided me transcripts and letters explaining in general that the transfer was leagle, but not mentionimg the specific reason of transfer and just records of transcripts (GMC wants they should mention whether I failed the credits or not) but they send me a letter which states that transfer letter is given to one who completes the duration successfully. Assessor wants words to word quote the reason as I described above. She said other wise they ll send my application for full assessment..? I wounder what’s full assessment of application and what are the chances to get my application successful. Thank you

    1. Hi there,

      From what I understand, the GMC needs confirmation that the credits for your final degree do not include any failed credits. So if you did fail any classes, you should have retaken them and passed. That needs to be clear in your application.

      If it goes to full assessment, the chances are related to how satisfied they are that your final degree only consists of passed subjects.

      I recommend also asking in the IMG FB group in case anyone has a similar situation.

      Hope it all works out.

  39. If i am doing 12 month internship then do i have to complete 3 months in medicine and allied continuosly and 3 months in surgery and allied continuosly or i can finish them in any sequence but with 3 months in each branch and allied in the whole course of 12 months?

    1. The GMC says continuously on the website, but plenty of IMGs have gotten their GMC registration with the 3 months split up over 12 months. It doesn’t seem to be a very strict rule.

  40. Hello, thank you for this guide.

    I was wondering, do months have to be in order? Like 3 consecutive months of medicine and then 3 consecutive months of surgery? Or could these be interspersed throughout the 12 total months?

    There seems to be small space for rotations in the new pathways applicant document so wondering if it’s supposed to be grouped like that.

    1. Hi there! We haven’t seen the GMC be too strict with the requirement for medicine and surgery to be consecutive, lots of friends have 3 months each but not consecutively, but obviously can’t make any guarantees.

  41. Hi nick
    I am applying on the basis of acceptable post graduate qualification
    My internship is in medicine and peads 6 months each
    Will it be an issue as I read in the above mentioned note that it is acceptable?
    Kindly guide

  42. Hello
    I graduated June 2010 , and was awaiting allocation for internship by Sudan ministery of health, then I got married and moved to Saudi Arabia and started my internship October 2011 ( one year and 4 months total gap) , is this could be a problem? Thanks
    (Until I moved to Saudi Arabia was no answer from Sudanese ministry of health

    1. Hi there, it might be but if you don’t meet the criteria for Pattern A then you can always go for Pattern B. Best to contact the GMC directly so they can advise on your situation. All the best!

      1. H Nick,

        I have a query about full registration. I have completed my internship (6 months pediatrics Medicine and 6 months General Medicine), but there is a gap of 4 months between two rotations. I am applying on the basis of MRCP which I received in April, 2019.I have total of 8+years of continuous clinical experience since November , 2012.
        I have also other experience after the graduation which is not continuous ( after internship : 7 months GP/Primary Care, then 3-1/2 months gap + 6 MO this ER/ED+4 months General Medicine +9 months General Surgery=21 months total,
        – 1 year GP/Clinic Practice(self employed),
        -3 months primary care.
        After that point I have continuous clinical experience about 6 years before MRCP and 2 years after MRCP( awarded in April, 2019). (8 +1/2 year uninterrupted clinical experience).
        Your advice for full GMC registration please.
        Thank you

        1. Hi there, I don’t see why that would be a problem. You can speak to the GMC for their official advice. All the best!

  43. I graduated as Medical Doctor in 2016, completed 1 year of internship in Surgery, Medicine, OG and Pediatrics with 3 months each from 2015 June to 2016 June. Since then, i stopped practising as a doctor. Now I want to work in NHS through PLAB. Since PLAB 1 seats are all booked out for 2021, the best case scenario would be I completed PLAB 2 before end of 2022. Even if I passed PLAB 2 in 2022, there will be 6 years gap of not practising as a medical doctor. My concern is even after completing PLAB 2, will I get approved by GMC or will I get hired by NHS due to my gap of 6 years? Thanks to all of you.

    1. Hi there, clinical gaps alone are not a strict barrier to finding a job in the UK. Recent clinical experience is more important than the fact that you have a gap. To improve your chances of getting GMC registration and a job in the UK, then it’s a good idea to return to work back home.

  44. Hello DR!
    at this moment I am studying medicine in Romania which is EU country, On the GMC site for Romanian certificates we can only apply for full registration, at the same time I didn’t remember doing any internship but we do 6 years of medicine, so I don’t know what is the solution for this problem and does this extra year is an equivalent for the internship?

    1. Hi there, yes the GMC grants full registration to some EU graduates without internship. If you need further clarification about how to apply for registration, please contact the GMC directly. Best of luck!

    2. Dear Ahmad, i am in the same situation,
      I went after 6 years of medical school straight into doing the surgical residency. can you please update us how you solved this problem and if your application was accepted?
      thank you so much

  45. Hi Nick,
    My internship will include:
    3 months in Internal Medicine
    10 weeks in Surgery (2.5 months)
    7 weeks in Obstetrics and Gynaecology
    3 weeks in Ophthalmology
    amongst others- do you think there is a problem with my internship pattern regarding the mandatory 3 months in Surgery? Especially as Obstetrics and Gynaecology and Ophthalmology are both considered allied surgical specialities ?

    1. Hi there, we’ve seen lots of IMGs get GMC registration with similar internships so I don’t see any major problem with that. Best of luck!

  46. Hello Nick.
    I graduated in 2018 and didn’t do my internship. I came to uk immediately after my graduation and in 2018 i took ielts thrice but i couldn’t pass in all attempts. Then in 2019 i took oet in june and plab 1 in november and in april 2020, i went for plab 2 but my exam got cancelled due to covid twice. Once in april n then in october. Then i took my plab 2 in jan 2021 and now i am applying for provisional registration. After my provisional im planing to go back to my home country to do internship. Do you think i will get full registration with this much gap.

  47. Hello Nick,
    I’m studying in a country where students match directly into residency programs, skipping internships. What medical specialties could meet the GMC requirements of both medicine and surgery? Anesthesiology? Or is it possible to pick a surgical residency, while working part-time as an MO.

    1. Hi there, I’m afraid there is no single specialty that meets both requirements of medicine and surgery that we’re aware of. Whether anaesthesiology is accepted for surgery would only be possible if you have done other specialties for medicine, not anaesthesiology for both medicine and surgery. Even then, it’s not guaranteed that anaesthesiology will be accepted as surgery since it is not actually a surgical specialty.

      If you don’t have internship, you’ll need to go for Pattern B. We’re not sure if working part-time as an MO will count as we’ve never encountered that kind of background before, but it might. The other option is to gain GMC registration via a postgraduate qualification like MRCS because then you don’t need to meet the criteria of Pattern A or B. Best of luck!

  48. hello Nick
    I started my internship 02 OCTOBRE 2020
    duration is 9 weeks per rotation
    9 weeks pediatric
    9 weels general surgery
    9 weeks gyn-ob
    9 weeks primary health center
    9 weeks gastroenterology

    so the total duration is 45 weeks
    and there is 3 WEEKS anuual leave
    is it acceptable ????

    1. Hi there, doesn’t look like it will be accepted. Please contact the GMC directly. You can also ask other IMGs who have a similar internship on FB to see how the GMC dealt with it just so you have an idea.

  49. Hi Nick! I’ve just come across your blog and it is such a wonderful resource for everything I was looking for! Thankyou so much for all that you’re doing.
    I have a tiny question: in the registration for GMC Online Account, they ask when the course (MBBS in my case) ended and when was the degree awarded, both are separate options. I do have a date on my degree (it’s in May 2018) but I only have the month for my actual final year exams (march 2018). I don’t remember the exact date they ended. Can I put the degree date in both places?

    1. Hi Fatima! Thank you so much for your kind words! I believe you can put the same date but just double check with the GMC. They respond quite quickly by email or FB messenger!

  50. Hello Dr!
    Thank you for your guidance in your blog, it is extremely helpful for FY2 application.

    I finished my internship in September and did some Observerships till December. But currently I’m not doing any medical work. Any suggestions on what to put for career gap between now- until start of the program in August 2021?

    1. Hi there! Apologies for the delayed response to your comment! You’ll just need to put what you are doing – this could exam preparation, research, teaching etc. If you are not doing anything in particular then you can simply write “career gap” or “unemployed”. Best of luck with your application!

  51. Hello Nick,
    Is there any problem with my internship pattern?
    3 months Internal Medicine
    3 months General Surgery
    2 months Emergency
    2 months Pediatric
    2 months Obstetrics & Gynecology

    •I will start my internship after 6 months delay, due to Covid-19 travel ban then followed by documents(degree) verification took 1 month, is it going to be a problem?

    1. Hi there! 1. I don’t see any problems with that pattern. 2. If there are genuine reasons like Covid then it shouldn’t be a problem.

      1. Hi Nick
        Is it necessary to have 3 CONTINUOUS months in medicine & surgery (including related branches like pedia ,obgyn)
        For ex , is the following sequence of internship valid
        1. Jan-feb – internal medicine
        2.march-aprl – general surgery
        3. May-june- pediatrics
        4.july-august- obstetrics&gynaecology
        5.sep 1-15 -Ent
        6. Sep 16-30 opthalmology
        7.oct – othopaedics
        8.nov-dec-community medicine ( rural area posting)

        1. Hi there, to be honest, we have not seen the GMC be that strict about the continuous months as long as it’s 3 months in total, but the decision is ultimately theirs.

  52. Hello.

    I graduated in June 2016. However, i started my internship in September 2018.

    During those +2 years gap. I finished USMLE Step 1 and USMLE step 2 exams ( i have the exam certificates with the dates).

    Will this be a huge problem with GMC registration?

    Thank you

    1. Hi there, that is likely to be a problem because there is a gap of more than 2 years between graduation and completion of internship. You may need to use Pattern B instead of Pattern A. Please see the criteria above. You can also try asking on one of the IMG groups on FB if someone has been in a similar situation and how it was handled. Best of luck!

  53. Hello
    I have a question
    What if my uni rule is to have a pr graduate internship so i wont have the certificate until i complete a 12 month of internship
    So i cant apply for provisional registration in gmc right? Or are there any exceptions?

  54. Hello Nick, I need your opinion on this.
    How is the 5 weeks of leave and additional 20 days of allowed absence permitted to reflect in our certificate? For instance, if ones certificates states that he did Houseman ship for 11 straight months including 3 months in both medicine and surgery can he use leave to explain the uncaptured 1 month in the certificate?

    1. I would think it depends on what the end date of your certificate is. If the dates cover 12 months in total then presumably that should be ok but we’re not experts in this matter. It’s really up to the GMC. You might find someone who has been through something similar in one of the IMG FB groups. Hope you find your answer!

  55. Hi Nick!
    My internship was 12 months in an acceptable gmc pattern.However, my internship completion letter only states i completed successfully and does not contain details of duration,speciality and dates.
    Do i need to get another letter with this evidence and attach it to the old one before i apply? What do you suggest?

  56. Hi there!
    I need to say to introduce myself – I am a Bulgarian specialist of Pathology with more then 20 yrs experience.
    Hereby I am interested in registration in GMC in order to search for eventual job in UK

  57. Hi Dr Nick, I have done 12 months internship before MBBS- so will it count as pre graduate internship ? What papers I need to submit? I have done 12 months clinical experience in a private hospital before in case if gmc dnt accept my pre graduate then can i show this 12 months clinical experience to get full registration. Thanks in advance

    1. Hi there, I’m not really sure what you mean. Do you mean you had 12 months clinical experience before starting medical school?

    2. Hello, Nick.
      My intership starts in 2021 and is of 12 months duration. I will mostly have 3 months of medicine( 1 month of general medicine+ dermat+ community medicine+ emergency medicine……) and 3 months of surgery( general surgery+ ENT + Ophthal+ ObGYN etc) as part of my intership program. My intership will include one month of all the major clinical subjects. I will probably take a break of 3-4 months to prepare for plab 2 after my interhsip. Will this break affect my chance in getting a direct access to FY 2? I do not wish to do FY 1, but I will do it if I have no other option left.
      Thanks in advance.

  58. Hello;
    I have an important question. I have the kind of 12 months internship included my medical schools curriculum as the sixth year, so no problem there. What if I complete 2 months of it through Erasmus+ Traineeship Program in an hospital in eu which is also accepted by GMC. Would that be considered a continuous and uninterrupted 12 months of internship?
    It will finish in exactly 12 months anyway since the internship I do abroad is accepted by my home university in terms of Erasmus+ program.
    Thank you very much for your answers in advance. I am so curious about this.

    1. Hi, I’m not familiar with internships like this. It’s best to contact the GMC for official advice. Best of luck! Let us know how it goes!

  59. Hello Nick,
    Thank you so much for this article, please I wanted to ask for your advice . For a medical student like me who would want to start the process next year and wouldn’t mind starting from fy1. Should I take up an internship or just use my time to prepare for the exams ? I am graduating July next year and I would love to go through the fy1 route so is there any need to still go for an internship even while doing the exams? Thank you.

    1. Hi there! Starting internship back home would give you more options in case you don’t get a place in FY1 so it’s not a bad idea. This is because if you don’t complete internship then your only option for a job is FY1. So if you don’t get in, you’ll have to eventually do internship back home anyway or reapply for FY1 the following year.

      If you do get accepted into FY1 then you can always stop your internship early because if you complete internship then you can’t proceed with FY1.

      Hope that helps, best of luck!

  60. Hi Nick,
    I completed my pmq mbbs with a 12 month internship in 2010. Then went on to pursue an MD in a para clinical subject in India And have been working for the past 6 yrs. will this affect me from acquiring a GMC registration and then getting a non training job in the nhs and then continue with specialty training or do I have to do a fy2 standalone?

    1. Hi there, recent clinical experience is obviously a plus when applying for any job so if you can start clinical work then great. Regarding applications to specialty training, you will still need to meet the eligibility criteria for ST1/CT1 including having a valid CREST form and 12 months of post-internship clinical experience. If you don’t have these then you fall into Pathway B. Standalone FY2 is one option on this route. Please see these guides:

  61. hello nick
    i have done my internship 6 months in medicine and 6 months in paediatrics.then i did my post graduation training in internal medicine for 5 years.i am going for plab.will i be considered for gmc registration?

    1. Hi, probably not as you have not worked in surgery at all. You may be better off going through the MRCP route which does not require an acceptable pattern of internship. You can email the GMC to clarify. Best of luck!

      1. hello nick
        many thanks for your reply.
        I don’t want to apply for FY1 or 2 post.
        i just need a sho job and then meanwhile i can compete my MRCP.
        even then i will not get a registration as a simple doctor???

        1. You still need to meet the requirements for GMC registration before you can work in the UK at any level. If you wish to work here while completing MRCP, then you will need to sit PLAB. Or you look into the MTI/sponsorship route which only requires MRCP Part 1 for you to gain GMC registration, but this route is more suitable for those who do not wish to stay in the UK long-term.

  62. Hi Nick,

    I have a question that concerns the patterns of internship: Is general medicine considered as acceptable by the GMC as being part of “internal medicine”?
    By general medicine I mean general practice.

    Thank you.

  63. Thanks for the insight Nick,

    GMC asked me the reason for the gap being more than two years and have now sent it over to the investigations (iandi) team. I expect to hear back from them probably next week.

    As far as working is concerned, this was also due to the baby/child care that followed (as it was my firstborn), it’s not very common in our culture to hire a babysitter and as such I stayed home to prepare for PLAB exams (in the UK) before moving back to my country for internship when my child was older.

    In any case I’ll keep you up to date.

        1. Hi Adita can you please explain me your journey. I am in the same boat. I graduated in 2017 came to UK without internship in 2017 conceived had mc then conceived again had a baby in 2018 and other in 2019. I gave ielts meanwhile in 2 years now am due to give plab 1 next month. My oet will expire next year oct.i am also planning to do my internship back home after giving plab1 or do u suggest giving plab2 and then do intership and then apply fr registration.

  64. Hi Nick,

    Thanks for the explanation – I have recently applied to the GMC for a full registration but unfortunately I have 3 year gap between PMQ and completing internship. This is due to pregnancy right after PMQ, after pregnancy I took PLAB 1 & 2 and then back to internship abroad (which has concluded now).

    Hopefully they’ll grant a full registration but I’m just worried they might hold it against me for it taking so long. Do you know of cases where there was a significant gap between internship and graduation due to maternity leave but did get accepted (or declined)?

    1. Hi Adita, to be honest that will probably be an issue. In the UK, maternity leave is one year in duration (for each baby) after which doctors go back to work. Also doctors here prepare for exams while working so I’m not sure they’ll accept that as a reason for a 3 year gap but hopefully we are wrong. Our advice would be that you should not stop working after internship. If you continue working while applying for GMC registration, then if they reject your internship, at least you can still get GMC registration using Pattern B.

      We don’t know anyone who has been in the same situation so you may find it helpful to ask on FB if anyone has gone through anything similar. Just keep in mind that each case is dealt with individually so if someone else’s gap was accepted, it does not guarantee that yours will be accepted. At the same time, if their gap was rejected then it doesn’t mean yours will be automatically rejected either.

      Hope that helps. Best of luck and please keep us updated!

      1. Hi Nick,

        I have received my full registration as of today, I’m grateful that they’ve accepted it. My gap was a total of 3 and a half years since my PMQ until the completion of my house job.

        1. I just realised we did not reply to your update. Thank you so much for getting back to us about the outcome and we’re so pleased for you! I think the GMC are usually quite reasonable as long as you follow their guidance.

      2. Sir
        I graduated in dec 19
        And will start my internship in jan 2021
        I appeared in two exams in 2020
        But result was withheld due to incomplete documents
        Will this affect my GMC registration in future ?

        1. Hi there, as long as you can explain what happened it shouldn’t be a barrier. The GMC will let you know if they need any additional documents. You can also try to call them about your situation to see what they would advise.

  65. Hello Nick!
    Thank you for the wonderful guidance that you are providing.
    I am just concerned that I have a gap in employment of about 2.5 years after completing internship (which was in January 2018). This was a study break for a PG entrance exam. I worked in the medical ICU for 1.5 months and that was it.
    But now I’ve decided to switch my route to PLAB and I’m just starting my preparation for it.
    Will this gap be a problem for GMC Registration?

    1. Hi there! Gaps after internship are rarely a barrier to GMC registration. If you have a long clinical gap, you may need to submit a statement additional paperwork to show that you are clinically up-to-date. Best of luck!

  66. What about the 8 year gap after doing 12 months internship?
    Someone may did master after fulfilling internship and did a job for 8years. Now want pursue the rout of plab.

    1. Hi there! Lots of IMGs in this situation have found work in the UK with gaps of up to 10 years.

      Clinical gaps alone are not a strict barrier to finding a job in the UK. Recent clinical experience is more important than the fact that you have a gap. To improve your chances of getting a job in the UK, then it’s a good idea to get a job back home.

      If you’re already in the UK, you’ll need to work on your application and show you are clinically up-to-date and ready to work in the NHS through CPD and potentially a clinical attachment.

  67. Hi ,

    I have a 12 month continuous internship divided equally between urban and rural settings.My 6 month urban internship in a teaching hospital has rotations of 2 months each in Surgery, Medicine and OBGYN and their allied branches.The other 6 months was in a rural primary health centre .I have applied for registration, and GMC has asked to provide evidence of 3 months in medicine as my internship certificate does not clarify what I did for 6 months in rural posting. I have satisfied the 3 months experience in Surgery.Thet have sent me an evidence of internship form.Should this be filled up for the rural posting.What should be the approach now?

    1. Hi, they just want to see that you’ve completed 3 months of medicine in your internship. I suggest writing that you’ve completed 2 months of hospital medicine and 6 months of community medicine which is what primary health care would be, but I cannot guarantee that this will be accepted. You may find it helpful to see what other IMGs in similar situations have done by posting in the Facebook groups. Hope that helps!

  68. Dear Nick,
    Thanks for your instructions. It’s very helpful for my case and I appreciate your works.
    I have some queries and would like to have your advice.
    How will GMC verify the pre-graduate internship? (which form will they use? and its process)
    How will GMC verify the post-graduate internship? (which form will they use? and its process)
    Best regards,

    1. Hi, the process is the same for both. You will need a certificate or letter from the hospital you completed your internship or postgraduate experience at. The letter must contain the dates/duration and specialties of all your clinical rotations.

  69. Hi. Thanks for making thisI kniw it is a tough question but please advise me. Take your time to read again. Thanks wonderful site. May God bless you for your worrk.
    I situation is that I have completed 3 month Medicine 3 month Allied(psychiatry) on 15th december 2017 and then I left internship to pursue USMLE STEP 1. It is taking me alot of time and I am giving USMLE STEP 1 in January 2020. So I have an option to complete remaining 6 month Surgery & allied internship From February to July 2020. SO 6 months medicine then gap of 25 months aprox then 6 months. DO you think I stand a chance to get GMC registration for FY2 if start plab route after July 2020?

    1. Unfortunately, we cannot comment on the likelihood of that being accepted. It would be a good idea to have a backup plan to fulfill the requirements for Pattern B in case they do not accept your internship. Best of luck!

      1. Hey guys, I had a query soo my final exams and internship were one after the other and my internship was a 12 month one as required but my convocation ceremony was one year later(it’s given in my degree certificate) can that affect my GMC registration chances?

        1. Hi there, the timing of your ceremony does not play a role. However if this is the date on your degree certificate, it would probably be helpful to get a letter from your medical school confirming the date of your final exams, the start and finish dates of your internship, and the date of the ceremony just to clear any confusion. You can also contact the GMC to see what they recommend. Best of luck!

  70. Hi kindly guide about gmc registration appeal for European graduates but non EU citizens as they are giving issues with the internship as its spread over 3 years before graduation thx

  71. Hey Nick! My internship was during medical school, before graduating, at least 3 months in each area (14 months). I have graduated overseas, but I have an European citizenship. Do you think it’s okay?

    1. Hi there, I’m unable to comment on how the GMC will treat this as there are many changes happening due to Brexit. It would be best to contact them directly. Best of luck!

  72. Hi Nick

    Thanks for an outstanding coverage over GMC requirements for Internship. I have an issue regarding my internship. I have done 1 year Internship from India, however there is a three month break (due to health issues) and couple of 7-12 days breaks afterwards… I am a bit concerned about it… will you please guide me in this regard

    Thanks in advance

    1. Hi Utkarsh, the only guidance I can give is that you should provide documentation about each period of absence. It will be up to the GMC to decide on whether to accept your internship despite gaps. Health issues are usually accepted but unfortunately I cannot provide any assurances with this.

    2. Hey Utkarshi, could you please provide an update regarding whether your application for full registration was approved?

  73. In pattern B i have done Post graduate training in Public sector Hospital as follow:
    14 Months General Surgery
    6Months PEdiatric surgery
    2Months PEdiatric Medicine
    2Months Pathology

    is this format acceptable?

    1. Hi, it appears you do not meet the requirement for 3 months in medicine or related medical specialties as you only have 2 months in paediatrics. It may not be accepted, but this decision lies with the GMC.

    2. Dear Nick,

      I completed my MD in Poland without completing an internship (4 year advanced program) and I’m interested in registering with the GMC. I’m a non-EU national.
      I will be registered with the Irish medical council and start a non training SHO job soon.

      Just wanted to clarify that I would have to complete 24 months of postgraduate clinical experiences to fulfil pattern B and that SHO posts in the aforementioned specialities (3 mo surgery, 3 mo medicine) will likely be accepted?

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