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Achieve Your UK Specialty Training Dream in Just 1-2 Years!

Get into UK specialty training (residency) on your first attempt with a step-by-step, IMG-specific plan.

And yes, you can – and should – get started back home!

Play Video about IMG Masterclass - step-by-step guide to get into uk residency specialty training
IMG Masterclass - step-by-step guide to get into uk residency specialty training

Fast track your career

Avoid the common fatal IMG mistakes that delay career progression by 2 years or more.

Get ahead of the competition

Start back home and strengthen your application with actionable steps.

IMG specific plans

Strategies and guidance on everything you need to do as an IMG applicant.

Easy to digest

Comprehensive library of video lessons that are 10 minutes or less that you can easily fit around school, work or PLAB study.

Does this sound familiar?

You want to pursue your postgraduate medical career in a system where you can:

  • achieve a globally recognised qualification
  • say goodbye to 100 hour work weeks
  • have time to enjoy a life outside medicine, and
  • finally be financially independent.

But at the same time you don’t want to:

  • spend a fortune that you don’t have
  • waste years not progressing and unable to earn or work as a doctor while “waiting” to get matched
  • restrict your options to a pre-determined list of “IMG-friendly” specialties, programmes or locations, or
  • be discriminated against as an IMG applicant.

I get it doc, I’ve been there too.

And since you’re on this page, you probably discovered like I did that UK specialty training (residency) ticks all these boxes. It’s tough yet rewarding, open to IMGs, and highly regarded around the world.

But now that the doors are open, it’s also getting increasingly competitive, and you’ve found people who say it takes several years to succeed.

I respectfully disagree.

With a solid strategy and the right guidance, you can optimise your application to UK residency within a year, or two at most.

It's time to use the IMG Masterclass step-by-plan and get into UK training the smart way.

What if…

Everything you needed to know and do was explained plainly and simply specifically for IMGs?

You could turn your empty CV around and make progress with your UK residency journey in just 1-2 years?

You could have a step-by-step plan in your pocket that you could access at any time?

You could get into the specialty you really want, and not the one you feel you should settle for?

That is why I invite you to join the IMG Masterclass

In the IMG Masterclass, you will get a step-by-step walkthrough of the entire process of applying for UK specialty training as an IMG so you can hit the ground running.

With short high-yield videos, templates, resource lists, and worksheets, you’ll get yourself in order and build up your portfolio, so you can start living your UK dream within 1-2 years.

coaching for imgs applying for uk gmc specialty training residency

What you’ll learn in the IMG Masterclass

Through each stage of the course, you’ll learn everything you need to know about applying for UK specialty training with IMG relevant strategies.

Module 1: Introduction

Get an overview of the UK specialty training application process and find out how you can overcome the IMG inferiority complex.

Module 2: Smash through the long listing process

Ensure that your application passes the eligibility checks with a detailed walkthrough of the person specifications and CREST form.

Module 3: Research & planning for success

Learn how much effort you'll need to put in for your specialty and work out your personal timeline to UK training. BONUS: Hour long MSRA training from Dr Aman Arora with exclusive IMG Masterclass discount for MSRA preparation materials.

Module 4: UK immigration rules

Learn about how immigration rules are currently in favour of IMGs.

Module 5: Build up your CV without burning out

Learn how to systematically build up your CV back home or as a new UK doctor and maximise your application score so you can compete with UK graduates.

Module 6: Power prep your portfolio

Learn how to showcase your achievements correctly to maximise your points.

Module 7: Applying through Oriel correctly

Familiarise yourself with the online application portal and learn how to submit your application properly.

Module 8: Preparing for interview

Learn how to prepare for each type of station and understand whether or not you need to join an interview course for your specialty.

Module 9: What to do after interview

Learn what happens after interview and how to avoid jeopardising your application.

The IMG Masterclass

The only course that will give you a comprehensive practical strategy as an international medical graduate.

Your mentor

Dr Kimberly Tan BSc(Hons) MD

International medical graduate

Obtained GMC registration through the PLAB route

Landed an Ophthalmology training post in London

Scored 96th percentile nationwide on her first application.

Co-founder of The Savvy IMG

I love proving naysayers wrong, and proving supporters right.

All I heard all day long as an IMG applicant aiming for a competitive specialty, was how hard it was and how “realistic” I should be with my goals.

But since defying the odds and getting into Ophthalmology training in London as an IMG on my first application, I’ve helped many doctors – both UK and IMG graduates – get into specialty training.

With the right guidance and support, I have found that IMGs have the talent to succeed on this path, and now I’m bringing that guidance to you in this course.

Enrol in the Masterclass now where I will guide you step-by-step with everything you need to know to succeed.

How this course sets you up for SUCCESS

Getting into UK specialty training is hard work, but you’re not alone.

I know all too well how intimidating it can be to apply for UK specialty training as an IMG. I know how it feels to look at a successful applicant’s CV and feel completely overwhelmed with fear and anxiety.

I didn’t know the UK system. 

I didn’t know what an audit was or how to design and poster. 

I was just barely finding my feet as a new doctor in the UK.

The advice I got was always from UK graduates who had no idea of the requirements, challenges and difficulties I faced as an IMG..

That’s why I’ve created this course. This is what I wish I had when I first started. Everything is explained from the perspective of an international medical graduate.

The IMG Masterclass will show you the path you need to walk as an IMG, all the steps that you need to take that UK graduates will never have to face. You’ll learn IMG-specific strategies that you can even use back home, so you are already ahead of the competition before you even step foot in the UK.

I go over the entire application process in detail through short high-yield video lessons that you can fit around a hectic schedule, so you can finally see as I did, that it’s actually not that hard! I’ll show you how.

Don't just take our word for it!

Read these reviews from real IMG Masterclass students

This course is for YOU if...

This course is NOT for you if...

So, what will you get?

Flexible learning that fits in your life

Work at your own pace and in your own time alongside school or work.

Time-saving checklists and worksheets

Systematically plan your individual strategy to success.

Email support for your questions

Gain priority access to email support when you enroll in the Masterclass.

coaching for imgs applying for uk gmc specialty training residency

Let's Remove the Risk

I know it's a big investment to enroll in the 12 or 24 month plans, but I'm confident you will find the IMG Masterclass worth it. That's why I offer a 30 day money-back guarantee. You can request a full refund within 30 days of enrolment on 12 and 24 months plans as long as you don't go past Module 2 of the Masterclass.

Monthly subscription

Cancel anytime
£ 25 per month
  • 80+ high-quality video lessons
  • Time-saving templates, guides & checklists
  • Email support with priority response times
  • Exclusive 15% discount on your MSRA preparation with Arora Medical Education

12 months access

Save 20%
£ 20 per month
  • 80+ high-quality video lessons
  • Time-saving templates, guides & checklists
  • Email support with priority response times
  • Exclusive 15% discount on your MSRA preparation with Arora Medical Education

24 months access

Save 40%
£ 15 per month
  • 80+ high-quality video lessons
  • Time-saving templates, guides & checklists
  • Email support with priority response times
  • 30 day money-back guarantee*

Frequently Asked Questions

Sure! Check out some of the lessons here.

These are very short previews of what’s available in the IMG Masterclass, but if you want to get a good feel of the quality of information you’ll be getting, I highly recommend checking out our free training: First Try UK Residency Formula

The IMG Masterclass includes guidance for the following specialties at ST1 or CT1 level (CCT Pathway):

Anaesthetics, Cardiothoracic Surgery, Core Psychiatry, Core Surgery, Emergency Medicine, Internal Medicine, Radiology, Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Ophthalmology, Neurosurgery, and Paediatrics.

Any specialty not listed here is not covered in the Masterclass.

The best time to take this course is 1-2 years before applying for specialty training – ideally as a final-year medical student or intern. This is because many parts of the portfolio can be done back home in your own country if done correctly.

If you have passed this stage, it’s not too late!  In fact, it’s even more important to start now to avoid wasting anymore time.

Yes and no. 

The general principles of the application strategy, and all the guidance on how to carry out an audit, gain poster presentations, organise teaching etc, can also be used for application to ST3/ST4.

However, the recruitment process for ST3/ST4 is very different from ST1/CT1 and will not be explained in the course. 

Please review the course content and decide whether you will benefit from this course.

This masterclass focuses on optimising your application to specialty training so I’m afraid preparing for these exams and securing a non-training job are outside the scope.

However we do not leave our students high and dry! We have recommended resources as well as exclusive discounts preparation materials for these exams. We also have modules on interview preparation that will prove invaluable when job hunting.

Yes, when you are enrolled, you will always be to view the latest version of the course. The Masterclass content will be updated for 2024 applications when that information becomes available in October 2023, and you will have access to that.

Unfortunately there are no guarantees in life, but this course will help to vastly improve your application to give you the best chance possible. By doing nothing though, you are almost guaranteed to fail.

Of course, your satisfaction is our priority. If you enrolled in the 12 or 24 month plan, we can provide a full refund as long as you do not gain access beyond Module 2 of the IMG Masterclass. All refund requests must be sent by email within 30 days of enrolment. Refunds are not available on the monthly subscription plan.

Yes, I will answer your straightforward questions by email. For extra support and a detailed situation analysis, you can book an