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Mini-Masterclasses: FY1 & FY2 for IMGs 2024

The Foundation Programme is a great place for IMGs to get started with their UK career, but it is a complex process, and one mistake in your application can cost you your spot.

Having applied ourselves for both FY1 and FY2, we can tell you from experience that it is a massive pain. But it was also worth it!

We want to help you successfully navigate the complex application process for The UK Foundation Programme with these mini-masterclasses.

Who are these Mini-Masterclasses for?

These Mini-Masterclasses for are non-UK medical students and international medical graduates at specific stages in their career. Check out which one is right for you:

Mini-Masterclass for FY1

  • Non-UK medical students and international medical graduates who intend to complete their internship in the UK instead of overseas.
  • International medical graduates whose overseas internship was rejected by the GMC and are considering repeating internship in the UK.

Mini-Masterclass for FY2 Standalone

  • Non-UK medical students and international medical graduates who intend to complete their internship overseas before coming to the UK.

Mini-Masterclass for applying to FY1 & FY2 Standalone simultaneously

  • Non-UK medical students and international medical graduates who are considering both pathways.
  • This Mini-Masterclass assumes you are already familiar with the application process for both FY1 & FY2 Standalone, and focuses on the specifics of a simultaneous application. It is ideal that you complete the other Mini-Masterclasses first before this one.

What's covered?

Why enrol in the Mini-Masterclasses?

Applying for FY1 or FY2 can be a daunting process. You might be like me, the only person in your class applying for the programme, and you’re feeling stressed and confused about what you need to do.

I remember that confusion and stress very well. That’s why I created these mini-Masterclasses. This is what I wish I had way back when I applied. I want to empower you and make your experience easier and less stressful.

I hope you take everything you learn in these mini-Masterclasses and go on to experience success on this journey!

Your mentor

Dr Kimberly Tan BSc(Hons) MD

International medical graduate

Obtained GMC registration through the PLAB route

Successful FY1 applicant

Entered the London Foundation School on the first application

Landed an Ophthalmology training post in London

Scored 96th percentile nationwide on her first application

Co-founder of The Savvy IMG

FY1 applications for IMGs

£ 27
  • Detailed guidance on all aspects of 2024 applications
  • Specific timelines for all situations
  • Exclusive discount on the IMG Masterclass available

FY2 standalone applications

£ 27
  • Detailed guidance on all aspects of 2023 applications in preparation for 2024 applications
  • Will be updated in January 2024 when the new guidance is released
  • Specific timelines for all situations
  • Exclusive discount on the IMG Masterclass available

Applying for FY1 and FY2 simultaneously

£ 27
  • Comprehensive guidance on how this can be achieved
  • Detailed timelines for all situations with backup timelines
  • Exclusive discount on the IMG Masterclass available

Frequently Asked Questions

The foundation years are not for any specific specialty as this is not yet specialty training (AKA residency). These are part of the required 2 years of clinical experience before entry to specialty training so they are applicable for all specialties.

This course is for those aiming for August 2024 entry. However if you are planning to apply for 2025, I highly recommend taking this course now so you are fully aware of how far in advanced all the requirements are and you can plan accordingly.

The course is updated for the current application year.

The mini-masterclass for FY1 is up to date for 2024 as the FY1 eligibility application guidance has been published.

The FY2 mini-masterclass contains guidance for 2023 applications so you can prepare for 2024 applications in advance. The mini-Masterclass will be updated in January 2024 when the new guidance is released.

Each mini-Masterclass is around an hour long, jam-packed with all the specifics you need to achieve success.

Your enrolment in the mini-Masterclass is valid for the 2024 application round. Access to any the FY1 Mini-Masterclass will expire on June 1st, 2024 which is when when the 2025 guidance for FY1 will be released. Access to the FY2 Mini-Masterclass expires on August 6th, 2024.

No, unfortunately there are no guarantees in life. However this course will do is guide you through the application process to maximise your chances of success.

You will gain immediate access to the entire contents of the course upon enrolment. Because of this, we are unable to grant refunds for any reason.

The course is fully self-paced and does not include priority email support, however you can always send in your questions and we’ll aim to get back to as soon as we can. For extra support and a detailed situation analysis, you can book an 

My Honest Disclaimer

Hi, Dr Kimberly here. I want to make sure you understand that this course is not a magic bullet to get into UK training. I put in months of planning and effort to succeed, and have been very fortunate. Not all IMGs succeed the first time they apply to UK training, and this course will not guarantee your success. This course is an education tool but ultimately you need to put in the work. Always remember that pursuing a career in medicine and applying for specialty training involves some level of risk. Some doctors succeed, and some fail. Any testimonials are real and valid, but are not guarantees you will obtain the same results.